The Underhill Society of America
The Underhill Society of America

Saratoga Springs, NY
September 28, 2002

Group picture taken at the annual meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY last September.
Some of the members are unfamiliar to your editor, only because I have not had the pleasure of meeting them.
Of course, you know who you are!
Sarah Underhill, of Kerhonkson, NY, is shown giving a presentation about Croton Point
and the yew trees. Her related article appears in the Fall 2002 newsletter under
the title "A Croton Point Experience". Sarah's family is well established in this historic
region and we are grateful that she shares this interesting insight with us.
Officers elected during this meeting included the following:
(This is not representative of those in the photo above, the attendees)
N. Robert Underhill, St. Louis, MO - Honorary Chairman of the Board
George T. Underhill, Jr., Louisville, KY - President
Everett A. Underhill, Cedar Grove, NJ - Vice President/Fund Raising
Donald F. Underhill, Euless, TX - Vice President
Carl J. Underhill, Allendale, MI - Vice President/Genealogist
Phebe A. Apgar, Burke, VA - Treasurer
Ann Underhill, Louisville, KY - Secretary
Hope W. Conley, Madison, WI - Membership Secretary
Harold Campbell, Setauket, NY - Historian
Harry Macy, New York, NY - Library, Museum and Antiquities
Cathy Digue', Jackson, MI - Heritage Corner
Sam Mitchell, East Williston, NY - Budget and Finance
Melvin L. Underhill, Prospect, KY - Webmaster

If you have some Underhill family history to share with the Society we will be happy to report it in the News & Views for all to witness. In that event, please send your article to the News & Views Editor as listed on the Officers page of this site.